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Cannabis and Tobacco Bongs


Tobacco and cannabis consumption have been with us for ages long before our times. The creations and additions to smoking have also come a long way and time. Among these additions to the lovers of the smoke were the invention of the smoking bongs for cannabis and tobacco. In this piece, we will take look at the bong, its types, use and even history.


Another name for bongs is water pipes. Others still prefer to call it in street names like bing and billy. However the name "bong" has its origin in Thai. Its use is rooted in history as historical excavations in areas of Russia have revealed that long in the years gone past, this items were already in use by some people in the ancient society. The use and popularity of the water pipe also known as bong has constantly grown over time. A good number of the smoking population has come to appreciate the beauty and style that the water pipe has introduced to their smoking experience. Even to earlier smokers the bong was often associated with elegance and stately positions.


A bong has certain basic and fundamental parts. It basically has a stem, a mouthpiece and a tube. The tube holds the cannabis or tobacco while inside there is held water which plays a fundamental role in the functionality of the bong. The water can help in trapping particles and as well cools the smoke before it is inhaled by the user. Water pipes thus not only clean your smoke but they as well give it a cool. The heat that is inhaled by the smoker who does not use a bong has been observed to be an irritation to the lungs. It should also be noted that the taste and pleasure so desired by consumption of cannabis or tobacco is not affected by use of a water pipe as the active component in them is not soluble in water. The other parts of the bong are the carburetor which allows for the clearance of smoke from the chambers of the water pipe. Among the parts not mentioned is the base which serves to hold the water chamber, used for holding water.


The main benefit that comes from smoking using a bong is the cooling ability that it has and the ability to filter the smoke through the water while at the same time maintaining the taste of your smoke. They come made of different materials and models. Some are wooden, others are metallic, and still we have the glass and plastic types.