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Facts About Using A Bong


The biggest dilemma the tobacco and cannabis smokers have is finding the best way to smoke. Drugs are used across all genders, age, and regions in the world. People say that use of bongs or water pipes is the safest way compared to use of other devices.  The young people are known to be the leading lovers of bongs when smoking tobacco or weed.


The bongs can be easily accessed and usable in a group setting. Especially when there exist a large group of people, young people love it being in a party. Young people find water pipes to be more fun than the joint. Bongs produce more smoke in comparison to other smoking tools such as joints.


A bong is has a base that contains water. The weed or a blend of tobacco and marijuana are put in a cone like shaped part and lit. The smokers enjoy putting their mouths on top of the bong. The smoker inhales so that the substance can be heated to produce smoke. The smoke passes through the water at the base of the cone. The smoke cooling process is in the water section, and the smoker enjoys the cold smoke coming out the water pipe.


There is a misconception that young people pass to their colleagues that it is safe to use water pipes to smoke weed or tobacco. They believe that water pipes remove tar and other materials that can cause cancer from the smoke. There is no reduced risk with the use of water pipes, but it rather makes you burn more and more because the compound that gets you high is in the water. The change in the color of the water is due to smoke and other residues.


You must understand that there is no safe method of smoking weed or tobacco. Using a water pipe forces more residuals into your lungs due to deep inhalations. Your lungs are prone to harmful toxins. Side effects increase when one decides to use homemade water pipes. Remember they produce dangerous fumes which can affect your general health.


There is no safe way of using drugs apart from when they are used for medical purposes. You are still prone to side effects of smoking tobacco and cannabis even when you use a bong.  The fact is that water in a bong acts like a cooling factor and it does not remove any dangerous materials. Smoke particles are the reason the water color changes. Learn more about water pipes at https://usaweed.org/2017/04/30/the-bong-history-of-bongs-water-pipes/.